Nov 12

Meh, Sure, I’ll Check Out PubCon

So I got an email from Matt at WebHostingBuzz that we are going to start a Twitter blog. He is at PubCon and saw that Microsoft was doing it and thought it was cool, so now we are.

Me being me, I was naturally jealous. Why? It’s not that I care to see a presentation by Microsoft’s use of social media (although I give props to Phil Wheat for getting out there on the scene). It’s that I just love Las Vegas that much, and I like meeting new people in my industry.

So I booked a ticket and should be hanging out in Vegas this Thursday through Sunday.

Business first, if you meet me, please know that I work for the following companies:
WebHostingBuzz: Hosting company complete with published uptime each month. Proud host of and soon to be host of Platformic.
NameCheap: Domain registrar with easiest domain admin interface on the interwebs. API for complete domain reselling.
Sun & Ski Sports: Crazy cool gear for skiing, snowboarding, cycling, wakeboarding, and all things outdoors. @sunandski

and last but not least:
The Discovery Network: We are launching a blog for the Science Channel called Nerdabout. Stay tuned!

So business aside, I have been so busy/broke blogging, taking pictures, uploading video, etc around Austin, I haven’t been on a vacation in almost two years. So I’m hoping I can take somewhat of a breather and enjoy myself for once. I doubt I will as I always worry if I’m doing enough for my clients…

If you are in Vegas, please say hello. I am @michellegreer on Twitter.