Sep 12

Austin Tech Community: Your Support Is Needed. Help Me Show the Science Channel How Much You Totally Rock

So out of the blue, I get an email from Heather at the Science Channel in New York asking me to be a Managing Editor for a blog they want to launch about the Austin tech scene. I 1.) pinched myself and 2.) gave her a call the next day to see what this was all about.

I am really busy these days between Sun and Ski, WebHostingBuzz, and NameCheap, but I couldn’t turn such a good opportunity down. I’m going to delegate much of the writing, so I am going to need writers who feel so compelled by the cool geekery here in town that they MUST write about it. It is too good to contain. And then I will ask that they share this geekery with the entire world. I want to show the Science Channel audience why Austin is the coolest tech town in the U.S. and A.

So the people at the Science Channel getting this off the ground need some testimonials about me so they know they aren’t just throwing their money at some crazy Austin hippie. I would appreciate any kind words/mojo you could throw my way. Please leave some comments as to why you think I would be able to offer their viewers a sweet little sliver of the goodness that is the Austin tech scene. I would appreciate it very much.

  • Steph

    Michelle would be PERFECT for this gig. I can’t think of anyone better–she is QUEEN geek, and I mean that in the nice way. Austin is where it is at, and Michelle is all over it. Heather from the Science Channel is very wise. :)

    Mojo your way, Chelle!

  • Joshua “Yoshi” Seaver

    I’ve known Michelle for 6 months, and have observed her consistently work hard and passionately on a series of projects. She is someone who amazes me with her ability to share an idea, and a few days later, it’s manifested. She has great ideas and gets things done. She is also incredibly connected and knowledgeable about what is going on in Austin. I think she would be a great choice to cover the Austin tech scene.

  • Kristine

    First, think the Science Channel made an excellent choice by contacting you!

    “Why Austin?” they ask. Simple.
    How many people have you come across that don’t automatically rave about the city when mentioned?

    Think there are several factors that contribute to the lure of Austin.

    Here are a couple of reasons (IMO):
    — Culturally, intellectually and economically diverse. From college students to artists to professionals, the mixture allows for a consistent flow of perspectives.
    — The size. Despite the wretched traffic, Austin’s physical size serves as a 295.25 sq ft incubator for innovation. The close proximity allows for cross-pollination between groups and industries.
    — The city itself provides a holistic opportunity for happiness. Sounds pretty hippie; but, when a city facilitates physical and mental fitness, its citizens can’t help but give back and be advocates. Voted #2 for best people.
    — Growing economy. Pegged as one of the fastest growing economies in the U.S.
    — Social media for social good. Period.
    — An evolving tech scene. The city and the scene are due for a big breakout company. Will it be in gaming, hardware or software?
    — Clear understanding and enthusiasm for next generation technologies. Whether that be iPhone development, gaming, semantic web – there are pioneers in all sectors littered throughout the city.
    — An approach to business and development that splices in a laid-back hippie mentality with a renegade western cowboy feel.
    — Playing the underdog card in a competitive market allows those playing in the massive tech sandbox to be the disruptor. Which city’s sandcastle will it kick-over? Makes for a much better story than always being on top; who doesn’t love a little David vs. Goliath?

  • Kristine

    Ok, that’s just about Austin –

    “Why Michelle?” they ask. Simple :)

    She’s one of the biggest advocates for this city. Always promoting Austin – no matter the event or city she’s in.

    Personally, I know she’s helped me guide my way through the tech crowd and has always lent her hand when asked. Plus, like I mentioned above, she’s one of those disruptors – challenging some of even the biggest kids in the sandbox. Who didn’t comment on the whuffle post?

  • Alex S. Jones

    Michelle is an excellent choice to organize and these efforts. As someone who has worked with her on a couple of different projects and become friends through a shared love of technology and Austin, I know how deeply she cares about the high tech industry in Austin and how it interrelates with the other facets that make up this city. Whether she’s participating in a discussion at one of our Refresh Austin meetings, helping to spread the word about events for groups like Geek Austin, or driving attention of techies to do good through opportunities like Twitter-driven blood drives, Michelle brings a high level of energy and knowledge to the table.

    I hope the Science Channel follows-up on this as I think they would benefit greatly from Michelle’s work and I think network’s audience would gain a lot of insight into a well developed and exciting technology scene.

    Alex S. Joness last blog post..Recent Links: August 31 to September 07

  • joeyTWOwheels

    I’m a firm believer that good things happen to people who do good things for others. Which is probably why the Science Channel contacted Michelle – some sort of kismet Karma.

    She’s a generous person who always gives back to her community – both through social media/technology and rolling up her sleeves on the clean streets of Austin. Speaking of – did you know Austin was ranked as a top three cleanest city?

    There’s a whole heck of a lot of science involved in staying green.

  • Tim Mahoney

    Michelle is the quintessential writer and a hub of organization. Even though I have only been following her on twitter for a short time, I have read her past blog entries and tweets, and have been very impressed.

    I see a passionate, well-spoken individual who has clear and concise ideas in regards to marketing, technology, and people. She can cohesively meld varying points of view and ideas into an article that is compelling to read and informative. Depending on the targeted audience of the blog entry she is writing, she can be funny, and she can be completely down-to-business. One of her strengths is accurately targeting her information. She knows her audience and how to get the message across. She is also a prolific tweeter, who shares in the short 140-character limit much information, guidance, and feedback.

    It is her drive and skills that have brought together several events. She is a gifted organizer, whose determination and abilities have done her well in her professional life, as well as a volunteer. She has organized a very successful tweet-up for a blood drive, and has also put her strengths behind promoting the “Hunger Is Unacceptable” efforts in Austin, benefitting the Capital Area Food Bank.

    In short, bringing Michelle in as the editor for a tech blog in one of the most tech-savvy areas of the country is a wise choice, and will result in a very strong presence in the blogging community as well as the rest of society.

  • Denny

    I stumbled upon Michelle’s Blog, and wanted to just make a short comment, about Austin, TX. I live elsewhere, and think I fit into the Austin culture, but not sure. I love horses, was able to survive the Hippie movement, and actually miss the music and the closeness, versus the coldness of the greedy ones on Wall Street. I like the old west, old music, from the mid sixties thru ? I actually love, listening to the good stuff my dad loved, back to Nat King Cole’s crooning too! I’m a misfit in a society that tries to mold us, and I was born, and broke out of my mold, and have been looking for an accepting place, where free thinkers, lover’s of old fashioned can survive, and meet people who can share time, ideas and laughs with. Is Austin this kind of town? I’m torn between living on my ranch, and hang’n out in Denver at my condo, downtown near Cherry Creek, neither of which fit the bill completely! I need some interation with my kind of people, in a place I would like to say.. is my kinda town. Not to steal a phrase from Sinatra! LOL

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