Nov 12

Yo Zappos, Maybe You Can Help Me Out

I was quite dismayed that Zappos was laying off people. I love Zappos use of social media, but am a bit put off by their prices as I am a cheapass.

Being a cheapass doesn’t always pay off, especially when you are trying to get a marketing company off the ground. The time you spend shopping ends up costing you the time you could be working. So I’m going to try and make Zappos social media strategy work for me.

If someone at Zappos can ping me on Twitter with a fairly affordable brown shoe like this one in an 8.5, I’ll buy it. As you can see, the seam tore on one side and it’s sort of embarrassing. I know Zappos is expensive, but if they can save me the time of shopping and hassling with a return if I need it, I don’t care. It’s worth it.

Here’s the shoe to be replaced:
2008-11-12 21:49:12 -0600

I’m always on the lookout for cool Puma kicks, but I’m all right there for the time being. I hope this search for a personal shopper works out.

  • Hoon Park

    Just wanted to let you know, it’s Zappos and not Zappo’s. It’s a fun take on the Spanish word for shoes: zapatos… not some guy named Zappo’s store :)

    I agree with you that being a cheapskate does not work well with Zappos. However, I can’t imagine a better place to buy shoes online. The pictures at all possible angles, free shipping both ways (so you can try on several), and their impeccable customer service is worth the extra cost.

  • Michelle

    Hoon, thanks for the tip. I fixed it and will ping Zappos on Twitter in a bit when they wake up.

  • carlie

    I have no feedback other than damn, that’s a nice looking shoe. So if you find one, ping me and I’ll buy it too. :)

    carlies last blog post..Yes We Can

  • Michelle

    Carlie, no one got back to me, even though I pinged Zappo’s on Twitter.

    I did buy a pair of similar Michael Kors shoes in Vegas w laces. So much for my personal shopper through Twitter experiment.

  • CJ Romberger

    Dang, girl, that’s a hot shoe! If ya find em, I’m interested in hearing about it!

  • Diana

    Hi Michelle!

    My names Diana with Zappos! I think I found a shoe that might be comparable it is a Tribeca Better Knot and the SKU # is 7468428. Here is a link to the item. Let me know what you think?

  • Marlene – Zappos Employee

    Hey Michelle,

    Sorry for the delay in our response. Here are a few styles in a size 8.5 that are similar to the shoe pictured above:

    Check them out, please let us know if you need any further assistance.


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