Jul 24

Why Not Downloading TweetDeck Could Be Hazardous

Twitter users are as unique as they come. Sometimes you’ll follow someone only to find out that this person tweets any time he or she eats a brownie or goes for a walk outside. Other Twitter users are pseudo politicos out to change the world. What unifies them all?

When they see you in person, they expect that you’ve read their Tweets.

helps you organize your tweets into segmented lists so you can better keep track of the people you follow. Here’s why it’s important that you use TweetDeck if you follow a lot of people:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • http://www.pjbrunet.com/ PJ Brunet

    I don’t understand why so many of these Twitter apps require “Adobe® AIR™ Runtime”. Did I miss the Adobe-took-over-the-Internet memo?

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  • http://www.businessontwitter.co.uk/twitter Nikki Pilkington

    Love it!

    It’s true that Tweetdeck makes keeping up with things so much easier – and I hear that more functionality is in the pipeline!

  • http://www.konterfai.com Pierro

    Uhh, the sound is aw …. but i still love to use TweetDeck !

  • http://www.mikebenner.com Mike Benner

    @PJ it is because it allows developers to leverage their existing skill set whether it be Flash, Flex or just HTML and Javascript. They can knock them out fast and right to the desktop. AIR really is just an evolution of the Flash Player which took over the Internet long before Adobe took ownership of it.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jerryokorie Jerry Okorie

    I use it exclusively and love it. I tried the other tools and they just didn’t compare.

    I also add another window to see what TwitScoop is tracking as the hot conversations. Nice feature!

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