Nov 08

Twitter Lists: Find Useful People to Follow in Half the Time

I can honestly say I turned a lot of people onto TweetDeck. My friend Renato and I made this video back in the day about how its listing featured allowed you better organize people on Twitter. That was a big deal then.

Now I know this isn’t terribly new news, but Twitter Lists are pretty cool. Looking at who a person follows is something Robert Scoble has been doing for a while now, and now Twitter has been nice and has allowed us to all do this with half the work with categorization to boot. Essentially, they now allow us to share the groups we’d already set up in Twitter clients like Seesmic or TweetDeck, which is a huge catalyst to social networking in general.

I have created a few lists so far and will continue to create more with the intention that if you follow my lists, you will actually gain value by using Twitter. There are a lot of uses for them and until TweetDeck incorporates them (which I’ve heard it will, and Seesmic already has), I can see myself using them almost exclusively. I am also hunting for other people’s useful lists and have noticed that a lot of the people who are really savvy to certain industries are too busy to create them. I hope after time this changes (*hint hint*).

  • Oscar Del Santo

    As Twitter continues to develop, I am positive that we will witness many new useful features such as lists.

    The point remains: continue to use Twitter strategically to achieve your previously defined goals. That does emphatically not mean that one cannot be spontaneous and funny of course!

  • Damon Clinkscales

    Hey Michelle. Just wanted to let you know that I recently launched for verifying list membership. It follows a similar URL scheme to .

    Anyhoo, you might find it useful sometimes!
    .-= Damon Clinkscales´s last blog ..Idea #2: Twitter Lists “What Others Think of You” Cloud =-.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the heads up, @damon. is really useful so I’m looking forward to the lists version.