Jul 18

Set the Tone for How Washington Communicates. Email Congress an Invite to Twitter

This anti-Twitter stuff coming from House Democrats is absolutely ridiculous. This is a perfect example of politicians playing politics instead of actually acknowledging someone’s freedom of speech.

These politicians raise millions of dollars just to get a bunch of cheesy 30 second TV spots and conduct polls. Who the hell actually listens to those worthless ads anyway? How genuine are those user surveys? Here is a medium that is TOTALLY FREE, that gives them direct access to a user base that is educated and votes, and they want to turn it off? I say, get them all on there and let them duke it out for the hearts and minds of voters. I’d love to interact with Congresspeople. It will tell me who’s sincere and who’s smart, and who would be better off selling life insurance somewhere.

Let Congress Tweet? I say, bring it! You can’t hide from the internet, so you might as well embrace the tools that better allow you to leverage it.

Here are ways you can help:
1.) Email your Representative and tell them how you feel about this issue. Find out who to contact and how here.

2.) Contact the Franking Commission regarding this issue. The Franking Commission determines how Congress communicates with constituents. Since you cannot obtain House members’ emails (to prevent spam), I’ve included a link with each Franking Commission member’s contact form. Please let them know that we want to follow our Congresspeople on Twitter, in blogs, on Qik and Utterz, so that we may be more involved in our political process.

If you are busy and want just a pre-filled message, you can use this one if you wish:

Communication between Congresspeople and constituents is a natural part of every healthy democracy. Social media tools such as Twitter, Qik, Facebook, and blogs facilitate this communication better than any other tool throughout history. Twitter has saved people from forest fires, bailed a man who was unlawfully thrown in an Egyptian jail, organized blood drives and raised money against cancer, and spread the word about natural disaster relief efforts. It is a powerful tool that can help you make strong decisions for our nation. I would like to invite you and other Congresspeople to use these tools to more effectively serve your constituents.

You can sign up for some these services here:

Here are the people on the Franking Commission. Just click on their name and it will take you to their contact page.:
Michael Capuano
Robert A. Brady
Zoe Lofgren Zoe does not allow for emails outside her district, so here is her phone number: (202) 225-3072.
Charles Gonzalez (no contact form. What a bum!)
Susan Davis
Artur Davis. He also requires you to be a constituent, so you might want to call at (202) 225-2665.
Vern Ehlers
Dan Lungren
Kevin McCarthy

Let’s let Congress know that it is more communication and not less that will improve our democracy.

  • https://twitter.com/bob_abbey Bob

    This is an excellent idea, Michelle. Interaction with your congresspeople should be a very important part of living in a democracy. Unfortunately most people (me) view communicating with government folk as futile… i can see my e-mail being filtered and shoved into some aides flooded inbox, only to be glanced at and discarded days later. Of course I don’t actually KNOW that because I haven’t had a reason to write my congressman.. until now! If I could follow politicians on Twitter, it would give me a better impression of what kind of person they were, how they’re keeping true to their campaign promises, how they react to current events, etc… All things that would influence my voting for them in the future. And just as you said, this kind of personal insight would be infinitely more influential than any crappy TV Ad…

    Bobs last blog post..bob_abbey: @Smeets88 if im the only one who can see your tweets, might as well just text me right?

  • http://www.davemadethat.com Dave Delaney

    I love this idea!

    They they should be permitted to only use free ways to promote themselves, such as Twitter.

    Then all of the money that would be used could go towards something like education? Remember education?

    I’m Dave Delaney and I endorse this message.

  • http://www.squeejee.com Chris McCroskey

    We built this to help get politicians Tweeting

    Chris McCroskeys last blog post..A fresh coat of wax