Sep 24

Result of My Social Media Tennis Experiment Thus Far

I don’t hate on tech, but it is nice to see 2.0 used for something new. My last post asked if anyone played tennis in the area. I put the post up on Twitter, and Corey Pavletich (@tronovision), Cesar Torres (@cesart), Kristine Gloria (@gloriakt) and some others expressed interest. Corey even booked a court at Austin High today. So basically, a tennis meetup was organized without me even having to do anything. How cool is that?

  • Maarten

    Hello Michelle,

    I was thinking if you would like to play tennis?

    I read your blog when I was seaching for some initiatives about social media en sport initiatives, more the meet up thing.

    Enjoyed reading your blog, couldn't really find a social media sport related integrated service, might be a good business idea…work out :)



    …the Netherlands :(

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