Jan 09

Find Your Flock on Twitter

I get bummed out when I find interesting people who simply don’t get Twitter. They sign up, follow a bunch of people, and then say, “It was just a bunch of people saying they like ice cream or going to work that day.”

Social media tools like Twitter are like cell phones. We don’t get cell phones and then plug in a bunch of numbers just to have them. We think of whom we would actually want to call on a regular basis, and then plug in their numbers. It’s the conversations that make the medium interesting.

Do you like certain blogs? Find out if the blog and the actually bloggers are on Twitter simply by Googling their name and “Twitter”. You can do the same for potential business partners, employees, celebrities, and anyone else. If they are boring, unfollow them or filter them out with tools like Seesmic or Tweetdeck.

Putting the people ahead of the medium ensures you are actually making the most of a very useful communication tool.

  • Mike

    First let me say thank you for giving me a way to explain this to the friends I have who don’t get it. The cell phone analogy is perfect.
    But twitter still has issues with noise and spam. I wish twitter would publish reports on the amount of spam they’re preventing and removing as I think it would be interesting to see that sort of data and how spammers are using things like trending topics and news items to try to bait users.

  • http://www.silverspider.com Alex Jones (@BaldMan)

    Well put Michelle. Like any tool, form of communication or relationship,Twitter is what you put into it. Often those who don’t “get it” haven’t invested the time, which isn’t a critique, as they may have higher priorities, but I think it’s fair.

    It’s hard to hit an “Ah ha!” moment if you’re not invested.
    .-= Alex Jones (@BaldMan)´s last blog ..Status Updates – The Ties that Bind =-.

  • http://empoprise-bi.blogspot.com/ John Bredehoft

    I love the cell phone analogy!

    Another thing to do is look for tweets that are interesting, and then see who tweeted them.
    .-= John Bredehoft´s last blog ..Standards do not mean high quality – they simply mean a standard for quality =-.

  • Jacob

    Have invested the time, have put the people I like first, and it’s still a waste of time.

  • http://www.birkenbihl.com veraFBirkenbihl

    i regularly look at RETWEETS bec. here i can read whom i do not follow. if interested i go to their profil-page and read at least 30 tweets. then i decide to follow. i do not look at how many followers there are, only for content, style, philosophy, values, language. i have found about 30 people so far whom i would never have “run into” normally. it’s research but fun.

    • http://michellesblog.net Michelle

      Vera, I use the same approach. Follower count doesn’t mean nearly as much as what they are saying. Thanks for adding your thoughts to this post. :)