Mar 24

Have Free Drinks, Talk Tech with Brewster McCracken this Thursday

I don’t follow local politics. This is what my options often feel like:

CANDIDATE A (stances):
Supports trees. Supports upping minimum wage 800%. Supports local government unions. Supports creeks. Supports public nudity and free luvin. Supports marriage between man and beast. Supports clean bong water. Keeps Austin Weird. Hates The Man.

CANDIDATE B (stances):
Supports real estate. Supports big business. Supports Hummers. Supports boat owners and those who frequent Hula Hut. Supports anyone who lives west of Mopac and south of Steck. Supports mowing down hippies with tractors. Is The Man.

So you can see my frustration as someone who sees that development of technology, which could possibly favor supporters of Candidate B, would also actually help the people looking for Candidate A. Software and technology saves energy, time, and space. It solves problems. Why is it that in Austin, tech savvy people seem to be the last people to get involved with decision makers? We all want investors to come here, and the city can help us with this.

So City Council member and mayoral candidate Brewster McCracken asked me to throw a tweetup so he can meet people in technology who can help him 1.) get elected and 2.) generated more jobs in tech sectors in Austin. I’m not getting paid–I just feel this is good for us. Politicians should listen to people who are tech savvy. It’s good for the economy. Steve Calkins from Breeze Marketing and I are paying for the first $400 worth in drinks, so you might as well come down to Maudie’s off of South Lamar on Thursday at 9:00 to hang out. Here’s the link:

This event follows Richard Linklater’s screening of “Dazed and Confused” at Alamo Drafthouse. So come down! It should be a good time.