Jan 12

The Best Connection You Might Ever Make

If you are like me, you are amazed at how quickly and efficiently the internet enables us to make connections within our community. You can throw a party and within a few hours, have 50 people show up. You can make connections with people who are connected with five employers, all with jobs that you will find more gratifying every day.

Making connections doesn’t stop at Facebook and Linkedin though. I met Ivo at Nuclear Tacos Night, which was started by a bunch of guys who met on distributed.net. I had a good time talking to him and the gang, so I decided I’d Google him. I found his site, and on his site was a link to the Upendo Centre, the orphanage his sister Tessa runs in Kenya. From this site, I connected with the orphans who live there. Think about that. In a matter of minutes, I ran into profiles of people halfway across the world. And unless you are in a hurry and didn’t actually click on those links, I’m passing them to you in even less time.

If you feel the community spirit, please take a look at what the Upendo Centre is all about. The news about Africa can be disheartening. Fortunately, we have more tools to help solve these issues than any other time in history. What is one of these tools? A simple tool called PayPal. If you would like to help support Tessa’s work, please take a few minutes to donate at upendocentre(at)gmail.com.

Want to spin this your own way? Here are the links, made nice and easy: