Dec 15

Keep Austin Warm this Holiday

OK. So the idea of Austin being July-like warm in December a sign that the apocalypse is nigh and perhaps the most depressing thought ever. Rest assure, Austin-lovers, the city has actually seen record cold temperatures this December. This is great if you hate the heat, but pretty brutal if you are new in town and don’t have any money for a coat.

My friend Elaine Allan helps a group of refugees in town who are in this exact situation. Many of these people have never seen or felt this sort of cold in their lives. Imagine being dropped in Siberia without proper clothing, and then having to go to work or school everyday.

If you are in Austin and have surplus coats, clothes or blankets, consider donating them to local refugees or others in need. If you don’t have extras, consider a cash donation. Simply leave a comment or email me at michelle(at) I will introduce you to Elaine. She is working tirelessly to make sure everyone who needs coats, blankets and warm clothes actually gets them.

Not in Austin? Not to worry. It’s still good karma to donate to those who need it most, and a lot more fun than the typical holiday madness anyway.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Help kids like these in your area by donating coats and blankets.

* Just a reminder: I don’t live in Austin anymore and haven’t for two years. I am just here visiting family. Please stop inviting me to your Austin events on Facebook. Thanks!