Jan 02

Help Build a Water Project in Africa, $2 at a Time

Laura Fitton is a blogger who always seems to be picking up good causes to champion. Today I saw no exception as she is trying to raise money to build a water project in Africa.

OK, it’s really messed up that there are people on the same earth as us who don’t have the basic necessity of clean water so they can properly function. Come on, now.

(Steps off soapbox) But you knew that already, right?

If you’d like to be awesome by helping, donate at least $2 to this cause. If you tweet it out by just following these directions, TipJoy will match up to $10,000. Sweet.

And just to let you know, often when people like Laura put themselves out there by championing a cause, they tend to get a lot of people who see that they actually care about something who then ask them for more help for other causes. And when you put yourself out there and you see people coming to you for more help instead of with help, it just breaks your heart. As the Bible says, “The harvest is plenty but the workers are few”. Remember that.