Jul 10

Calling All Bloggers: Your Support is Needed to Support a Child with Leukemia

National Bloggers Blood Drive DayBlogging doesn’t have to be self indulgent drivel. You don’t have to post and post and think, “Eh, no one is going to read this”. Blogging allows you to spread information, and information is power. We can make change spread faster than any other time in history because we don’t have to wait for a printing press or an editor. We can be more accurate than publishers because we offer firsthand information instead of filtering it through the corporate sponsored machines that are magazines and newspapers.

So bloggers, I’m asking you to show your power for a cause that is truly worthwhile.

A man named Phil Burns found out about the Austin Blood Drive Tweetup and decided

that bloggers everywhere should organize blood drives on July 30th.

It’s called National Bloggers Blood Drive. Phil’s daughter Serenity has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the same form of leukemia my sister had. He’s calling bloggers everywhere to blog, organize, tweet, and muster as much support for blood banks everywhere. Don’t just blog it though. Sign up to give blood and as well as for takesalltypes.org, a service that sends you text messages anytime your blood type is needed in your area. Let’s show Phil and Serenity that people do care about those in need by creating and building blood drives around the country on this day.

For more information, please visit Phil’s blog. Learn more about Serenity and her situation on her site.