Apr 21

Be a Superhero (even without having sixpack abs)

You had the action figures. You watched the cartoons. You even had (or even still have?) superhero underoos. When you were four, being a superhero was the obvious career path for you. You never understood why adults like your parents somehow chose NOT to be superheroes.

Sigh. After a not-too-successful stint as the invisible man and a failed attempt to fly off the roof, you’ve conceded that your image will never be powerful enough to grace the underwear of little boys everywhere.

Not to worry. Here are a few projects you can tackle that do not require you to have superhuman physical strength or x-ray vision:

1.) Trish Forant started a campaign that allows civilians to stay in contact with a member of the armed services at emailourmilitary.com. Currently, if you sign up to start emailing a service member, you have to print a form and mail it to Trish. She is interested in having an online form put on this site. This would require some form of payment processor and SSL as there is a $2 registration fee. If you would like to help with this, please contact Trish here.

If you are technologically inept and/or lazy like me, you can still help by signing up keep in touch with a service member by filling out a form on Trish’s website. There are a host of other great projects on this site to help support our troops.

2.) I am helping collect computers and other items for Burmese refugees currently living in town. These people have suffered greatly at the expense of a ruthless and unjust military regime. They did not get a choice in where they lived and came to the United States with nothing. Here is a list of what they need:
* jobs that offer a decent wage
* English tutors, especially for the ones who can’t get out
* computers (kids know how to use them, but can’t use the school ones before or after school because they ride the bus)
* calculators for the older kids
* telephones & phone cards (MOST DO NOT HAVE PHONES)
* shoes — tennis shoes & sturdy work shoes
* diapers
* ricecookers
* non-perishable foods
* Wal-Mart, H-E-B, etc. gift cards

Since you cannot break out a can of whoopass and single handedly fly over to Burma to defeat the military regime, you can email Elaine at borntohelp(at)earthlink.net if you’d like to offer any assistance to these new Austinites.

You will indeed be defeating evil by helping out in these projects. I wouldn’t count on your image being immortalized as a tiny figurine wrapped in plastic and 100 twist ties though.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which Superhero are You? If you can’t decide, feel free to take this super old Superhero quiz to find out.

  • http://ceezer.org Cesar Torres

    Great post, keep me updated on how these go.

    Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a superhero (well, that and an astronaut). I’m glad I got to help Connie Reece with a campaign for EoM. I might not have the funds to save every person in the world as I would like to, but I’m glad I get to contribute in my own little way. Baby steps towards saving the world, right? :)

    Let’s hang ooout soon!

  • http://www.emailourmilitary.com Trish

    What a great post! You are really an leader in making a difference. You’re living proof that one person CAN make a difference. The fact that you took the time to write about the projects you’re involved in is going to bring these campaigns and projects to the attention of others. You never know who else might be inspired or what great things they will do because of you. Keep up the good work, thanks for including us as one of the projects you’ll be participating in and keep inspiring others.

  • sis #2 (or #3) to you

    I am, I am, I am Superman… and I know what’s happening.

    Hee, hee, hee, I just took the Superhero quiz and that’s who I’d be.

    I’m glad you’re helping others. Keep up the good work.

  • Arjunseo

    I completely agree that the path to seeing your Six Pack Ads is more about what you aren’t eating and less about what sort of ab exercise you are doing.