May 06

$20 Will Help a Family Reconnect after the Burma Cyclone

We all saw the horrible Katrina aftermath. We saw the disconnect people felt after the tsunami. It appears as if Mother Nature has struck again, this time in Burma. A cyclone has left at least 25,000 people dead and millions in a chaotic state of having no means to connect or communicate with others.

So people in Burma don’t have Twitter or Brightkite to connect. A lot of the time, they don’t even have internet because the totalitarian military government shuts it off to prevent people from discussing the killing of pacifists. What some of them have phones. There are many Burmese refugees here in Austin. These people have no idea if their families back home are alive or dead. If you’d like to help them reconnect with their families, just follow these instructions. It will only take five minutes:
1.) Go to
2.) Choose USA–>Myanmar (not what Burmese people like it called, but that’s all a lot of people know)
3.) Buy a “Gemini” calling card. It is best to give these out in $10 increments so they can get spread around equally. Just fill out your own information, as you will just receive the pin in an email.
4.) I would not opt for auto-recharge, as there is no telling where this would go.
5.) You will be receiving an email eventually. Just forward this email to borntohelp(at) This is Elaine Allan’s email. She helps Burmese refugees here in town and will be more than happy to give the PIN numbers to them.

If you have any problems with this process, please let me know via email at michelle(at)

There is no need to sit back and idly watch the news if there is something you can do to help. Take a few minutes out of your day to make a difference, and pass this along to someone else who looks bummed. Hit the tiny Digg button at the bottom. After all, helping others physiologically makes you happier.

  • Sime

    Michelle, well done… There is no need to sit back and watch, idly. I hope you don’t mind me adding a link here – we’re fighting the same battle. I have been in touch with Oxfam who have pledged £250k, I am trying to raise some money towards that, here ->

    I’m not sure just how as yet, but we do what we can.


  • Michelle


    No worries at all. Staying connected through all of this with social media like blogs makes the message stronger ;).

  • Eric Itzkowitz


    People can also gift a phone card (i.e. to borntohelp(at) using the Gift a Phone Card tool on the homepage at

    You can purchase a phone card using a credit card or PayPal. The PIN(s), Access Number(s), and Dialing Instructions are sent to you via email. Further, every card purchased at the SpeedyPin website is guaranteed.


    p.s. Michelle, you can edit this post script out if you’d like. I did not add a link to so that you can choose whether to do so or not.

  • tblack has competitive Calling Cards, with great rates to a vast variety of countries.

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