Nov 23

You Just Can’t Hide: YouTube and the Police on the BART

I caught this video of a BART police officer slamming a drunk man’s face into a window from Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Twitter feed:

While I understand that police work is extremely stressful and often requires officers to make life and death situations that I will rarely make in my lifetime, this looks like a scene from a bad action flick. I’m glad BART officials have decided to investigate.

This video was shot on a cell phone video camera. It goes to show you that you are never in control of your message unless you decide to operate in a complete vacuum, which will never happen.

There are so many blogs about how to use social media to promote your business. There seem to be more experts everyday. If it were up to me, there wouldn’t be social media experts. There would be “here’s how to make your customers rock with your product” experts. A social media expert isn’t going to teach your organization to care about what they do everyday.

This video is an example of someone caught in a rough situation who did the wrong thing. The BART officials could have put everyone on Twitter, taught them best practices, and this still could have happened.

Care about the people you deal with every day. Sympathize with what they are going through. Nothing will weather the storm of social media better than understanding the human condition.

  • *Legion*

    I’m sorry, but when the videotaper said “Game over, drunk man… the cop is not f**kin’ around”, I almost fell out of my chair.

    Watching it twice, it seems to me like the cop really didn’t mean to thrust the guy *through* the window. None of his actions before or after that moment had that sort of escalation of force. I think he was just trying to shove him up firm against the wall, but he clearly did it too hard, and the window isn’t a wall.

    That doesn’t excuse the action, but there’s definitely a big difference between a mistake/lapse of judgment, versus consistent and deliberate use of excessive force.

    Cop needs to be more careful, and take something off that wall-shove fastball.

  • Tyler

    While social media was the point of the post, I agree with Legion. The cop is pretty far off the wall when he swings the guy over, I think he was just positioning in the wall, not with the intent to throw into the glass. Just my 2 cents