Sep 15

Whoa, Here’s the Tablet TechCrunch was Jonesing for…on Rizzn’s Blog

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I hate being in front of a computer and want my computer to accompany my life instead of the other way around. I also hate wasted paper and the raising price of magazines. That’s why I geeked on Mark “Rizzn” Hopkin’s last post. Check this out:

Super thin new media device that TechCrunch has wanted people to create. Is it wifi already? I’m sure it will be. I couldn’t find the post that Mark was talking about on Mashable, but here’s more info on the PlasticLogic website.

Yeah. I want one. Like, now. I want you to read this blog from it.

  • Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins

    There’s actually another video going up tomorrow with more on this at Mashable – I’ll post the link here in the comments once it’s up.

    I’m going to be first in line for this device. I haven’t seen a piece of kit that got me this excited in a long time.

  • Alexander M Zoltai


    Mark’s words about convergence of blogs and magazines got my juices flowin’……

    ~ Alex

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  • Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins
  • Phil Wheat

    Irony is, I already own the functional equivalent of this – designed here in Austin as a matter of fact! The Motion Computing LE1600, though it’s been upgraded to the LE1700, and the LE800 is a more portable version. I can bring it tomorrow night if you want to try, but it’s been around long enough that I do need to pick up a new battery, the Li-Ion in it is starting to wear out, I’ve been using it so long.