Mar 30

Unity is Not Always a Good Thing

I’ve been watching “Heroes” a lot lately. I’m actually behind the ball on it and am only on season two (please don’t spoil anything for me).

After watching the first season, I realized 1.) it would have meant a lot to me to have seen it when it originally aired because of its context and 2.) stories are harder to write, but convey lessons a lot better than silly things like blog posts (d’oh!).

I won’t ruin it for you because I think “Heroes” is a good show that you should watch. The theme that is recurring is that unity is not always a good thing, and people often do evil things for the sake of unity. We see people disagree and we often feel like we have to fix it so that they don’t. The problem? Many others try to solve the same problem in their own way. People get impatient and then bend rules. Instead of supporting each other, we end up with dozens of well intended people all trying to force a community to be united.

Diversity is good. Individuality is good. We will never “unite” everyone. We can only have goals and then meet people with similar goals. If people were all united, we would not have artists or free thinkers. We would live in similar houses, have similar jobs, and offer similar thoughts. We’d have to like everyone, and then life would suck basically.

So don’t unite. Not the Linux community, not the social media community, not Austin. Inspire and be inspired. Support others and respect people’s choice to be different from you. Otherwise you’ll be like the Malcolm McDowell character in “Heroes” and although Malcolm McDowell is cool, he’s kind of an asshole in the show.

  • cooltudor

    I agree with respect people choice to be different, in fact just don't think about it,