Feb 21

Obama vs. Clinton in Texas: “We” is More Powerful than “Me”

OK, I just watched my first presidential debate in length. I usually keep them running in the background while doing some form of work. Since this one was in Texas, I figured I had to sit and watch.

As you can see in my blogroll, I have three four sites, one of which is Obama’s site. One reason I respect Obama is his website. While I’m not fond of either Hillary or Obama’s website now since they ask me to sign up before I can even figure out what they are all about, I was struck by the communal aspects of his site when I first saw it. I just remember Clinton’s site asking me for money almost immediately. Your website is a reflection of you, so I’m not sure how that relects on Hillary.

Aside from Hillary’s goofy smirks when she disagreed with something Obama said, something struck me quite hard. The CNN commentators brought out all sort snippets of how the two differed. If someone were not familiar with the candidates’ policies, he or she would not gain much from this commentary. But people on CNN are paid to look and talk pretty, so I’m not terribly surprised. What struck me was their verbage. Hillary often said, “I plan to” and “If elected , I will…” Obama says, “We can ” and “We must…” Government can be transparent. We have the tools. Will we have a president who believes we have the power to instill change ourselves?

A more transparent government that requires the involvement of the people will not necessarily guarantee success. People become apathetic. They often do not take the responsibility to understand the issues, so some leadership is needed. We do need to get more involved though if we are going to make sure that politicians spend our money in our interests rather than for those of special interests. Besides, given our current situation, can an “I” really solve our problems anyways?

Listen to it. Just ignore the smirk. As much as I’d love a woman in office, it drives me nuts.

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    Their speeches are what makes or brakes their campaigns! also they have to do research at the states they are doing the speeches in.

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