Oct 11

Let’s Take Our Obama Efforts Off the Computer (I’d Love to Help)

I got an email from the Obama campaign saying they need people to call voters in swing states. I hate cold calling, but considering most people aren’t on their computers as much as I am, it is a necessary evil.

If you are up to the task (which if you have faith in your cause, you will be), here are some tips:
1.) Be genuine–the script is a guideline, but someone will probably hang up on you if you use it. It’s too one-way and not conversational.
2.) Take what you can get. You will get a lot of voicemails, wrong numbers, and even people hanging up on you. Face it, you are a Marine on Normandy on the frontlines, and you are going to take your licks from people who don’t like the idea of you calling them. Expect this upfront.
3.) Stay positive, no matter what. Someone will think you totally suck for interrupting their day. Accept this. If you come in with a defeatist attitude, you will miss the opportunities when they are presented to you. Stay positive and you might just convince someone to volunteer as well.
4.) Come in with a plan. What was my plan? 1.) To ask if they were voting for Obama and 2.) to ask them to volunteer in any way, form or fashion, even for just an hour. If you spend 20 minutes calling people and get three hours of volunteer time from people, this is a 800% ROI. Kick. Ass.

I also had a script for voicemails that I loosely followed. I’ve done lots of phone sales and it helps, especially in the beginning.

Don’t sit idly back and expect this election to fall the way you want it. If you pledge to cold call for Obama, you have my support. Feel free to drop any questions you may have my way.

  • http://twitter.com/MikeChapman Mike Chapman

    Great advice, Michelle. It’s so important to remember it’s all about people. What is so great about the campaign organization Obama has in place is that we can help anywhere in the country without leaving our own home. For a political campaign, that’s amazing.

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  • http://www.carliefairchild.com Carlie

    Um, can you come make ad sales calls for us? Sounds like you’d be pretty darn good. 😉

    Carlies last blog post..Voting Feels Good