Apr 08

GreenDevCamp Allows Us to Better Solve Environmental Woes on Our Own

I saw this Tweet from Tara Hunt earlier and was disturbed by it:

Uh oh. GreenDevCamp in trouble again. Needed: sponsors and wifi. Meraki contacted, but sponsors out there? http://moourl.com/i51tq about 11 hours ago from twitterrific

Tara Hunt, a.k.a. Miss Rogue, is one of the few Twitterati I actually follow. It’s not that I don’t like the Twitterati–it’s that if I follow them all, Twitter moves too fast for me to make sense of it. But I like Tara’s blog HorsePigCow and am interested in what she has to say.

I helped Whurley and Gio some with BarCamp Austin III. It was a fun experience for me. Why? Because unlike every job I’ve ever had, I didn’t have to ask permission to make something happen. I just did it. Ping pong table? Done. My brother the cameraman? Done. Burmese refugees and social media? Done. For someone who has always struggled trying to overcome egos just to make positive contributions to projects at work, it was incredibly liberating. When I invited people who knew nothing about BarCamp, they assumed it was my event. I didn’t try to sell it that way, they just assumed it was because I chose to bring something to the table.

So back to Tara’s tweet. GreenDevCamp is a BarCamp that will mobilize people to use and create green technology. I am not a software developer, but I understand that green technology allows the human race to remain healthy as we grow into the 21st century. If we used the fossil fuel intensive technologies of 100 years ago, there is no way we would be living the quality of life we enjoy today. Who knows, perhaps we wouldn’t be around. Even if we take the most conservative stance by denying global warming, pollution is still linked to increased cancer, asthma, birth defects, and countless other diseases. We cannot ignore it if we want to pass on a better world to our children.

Technology can help us sustain growth. It always has. GreenDevCamp is an opportunity to support that. You don’t have to ask permission to contribute either financially or to GreenDevCamp itself. Rather than waiting for our politicians to finally put global warming and our other environmental problems on their schedules, perhaps it is time for us to step up and take matters into our own hands.

Making a small piece of GreenDevCamp your own can be as simple as making a contribution.

  • http://www.horsepigcow.com Tara Hunt

    Thanks so much for this! I handed the responsibilities for GreenDevCamp over and it’s unfortunately struggling. I think they will be postponing it. Sad, ’cause the weekend before Earth Day was so perfect. :(

  • http://michellesblog.net Michelle

    If anyone is interested in sponsoring/volunteering for/attending GreenDevCamp, the sign up page is here: