Jan 01

A Photo Time Capsule: What Will Downtown Austin Look Like in One Year’s Time?

Austin Skyline January 1, 2008 austin bars on 6th Street

When I run in the mornings in downtown Austin, I often hear cranes and beeping trucks slapping up some huge building or another. While these buildings are better than the run down shells that used to clutter downtown, I can’t help but wonder if Austin will be able to maintain its Austiness throughout all of this development. After managing to get off the couch after a early afternoon slew of football games, I took some photos just to document what downtown Austin looked like on January 1, 2008. You can find these photos and others by checking out my downtown Austin photos on Flickr. What do you think Austin will look like in one year? Leave the best comment on a photo and win a box of yummy clementine oranges!