Aug 31

Another Hurricane? We Need to Evaluate This Situation

I am sitting alone in my duplex wondering if New Orleans will be nothing but history after tomorrow. Hurricane Gustav is predicted to touchdown midday on Monday, September 1st. It is predicted to be a category 3, but as we saw with Katrina, there’s no way of truly predicting its impact. Let’s hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

New Orleans is a ghost town with exception of some reporters and people from the National Guard. For those not understanding how vulnerable New Orleans is, here’s the scoop. New Orleans sits between a lake and the ocean in a “soup bowl”. What separates it from the ocean are the levies, and if the levies fall, the city is ruined. I’ve heard there are many shipping benefits to this situation, but you could pay me enough money to live in New Orleans. It’s too risky.

People much smarter than myself agree that we should be concerned. Although a study by U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claimed that global warming would actually decrease the number of hurricanes, the same study as well another by NASA concluded that global warming will increase the intensity of these storms. This Katrina/Gustav problem will not go away.

If you are a conservative who is under the delusion that carbon emissions have zero to do with this, please read the NASA study in particular. They equate carbon emissions directly with global warming to establish their conclusion.

I’ll be tracking this story for sure all over the web. If Gustav does prove disastrous, please consider donating to the Red Cross.

Know someone who needs help? Know some good resources? Please leave a comment. It could literally save someone’s life.

P.S. Scary Fact of the Day: the North Pole is now an island. Yikes.