Sep 22

The Mark That Your Company Culture is Broken

I get LinkedIn invites from time to time. Although I’m not a huge user of LinkedIn, I see its merits in its ability to basically get straight to the nitty gritty of someone’s work experience. After all, I like recommending friends for jobs, but not as much as I like recommending people who are actually competent at what they do.

I notice often that employed people often do not put their company affiliations on their profiles. I can see why you might do this in Twitter or in Facebook. Those can be used for business use, but can also be used for very personable exchanges. But LinkedIn is very business oriented. If a person doesn’t list their company on their profile, there’s a good chance they are looking for another job.

If you are an executive and you think your company culture is good, do yourself a favor. Search for your employees’ LinkedIn profiles and see what they list. Look to see what they are looking for on LinkedIn. Are they looking for business development or sales opportunities, or are they looking for jobs? If your company is either a small part or no part of their profile, that person isn’t happy with you and wants to leave. That’s not the attitude you want in an employee.

That doesn’t mean you should fire that person. Why? Because simply dismissing an unhappy employee is a great way to miss an opportunity for how you can make your company better. That seems very wasteful. An honest and open dialog can fix the problem and can make both your employee and you very happy.

  • Oscar Del Santo

    I personally think it should be a matter of personal choice.

    LinkedIn is primarily about the individual, her merits and accomplishments, abilities, preferences and speciall skills. I perfectly understand why someone would like to dissociate himself from his company and just use LinkedIn to showcase his talents.
    .-= Oscar Del Santo´s last blog ..ORM and the Dark Side =-.

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  • Echo Roberson

    Nicely put Michelle and I can certainly testify to your proclamation. As you already know I left Volusion some time ago and I was definitely on the hunt via Linkedin. Had they taken your advice perhaps I’d still be working there.

    In my circumstance I’m glad they didn’t because everything has worked out for the best; striking out on my own has truly been a blessing.

    With that said however, your advice directed towards today’s savvy company executives (or better yet, human resources)… they definitely should heed your words or wisdom.

    Great post!
    .-= Echo Roberson´s last blog ..Save The Children – This is As Real As it Gets! =-.