May 30

Create Tags for Your Flickr Pics in No Time with 2Tagger

We all know tags are important. Tags are a service to other people, because they connect people to the content they have been looking for. I see the value in tagging, I just hate doing it.

If you have photos you want to tag quickly, 2tagger is a Flickr mashup that will allow you to either:
1.) Plug in one tag and then you will get to choose from a group of very similar tags.
2.) Choose a spot on a map, and then pick from similar tags used in that area.
3.) Use your GPS enabled phone, and 2tagger will pick this spot where the picture was taken and then offer you tags often used in that area.

2tagger does already work with the iPhone. Considering how hard it would be to effectively tag from a phone, it seems like it could be very useful.

is currently just in test mode and should be more feature rich soon. Thanks to Todd Huffman for pointing out his latest project to me.