Aug 03

The Semantic Web Can Fix Social Media’s Data Portability Issue. See How.

I tend to like to be behind a camera instead of in front of it, but I felt that the issue of data portability was important enough to step up and lead a discussion at SocialMedia Camp.

The semantic web can fix the issue of data portability in social media. How? By using associations to group different profiles together. It also allows people to own their data instead of being at the mercy of every social network.

My apologies for the technical difficulties. Many thanks to Paul Walhus for filming, Juan Sequeda for engaging the dialog, Whurley for fixing my internets, and Giovanni Gallucci for buying me some time while i figured things out.

Check out the details here:

  • Todd

    I enjoyed your presentation at Social Media Camp, especially your urging us all to speak up and participate in the discussion. I actually took issue with your making data portability a sub set of the Semantic Web ( My opinion is that it is not ) but didn’t get a chance to bring it up.

    Your enthusiasm is awesome! Thank you!

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