Feb 07

Should We Trust Open Source to Politicians Who Use “The Google”?

So apparently people want to know why Whurley would post a poll for what presidential candidate is best for open source. If you are too lazy to click on that link, basically open source software helps the small businesses that drive our economy. From a more personal perspective, we use open source everyday. Whether you are like me and blog using WordPress, or crack open Firefox windows, or use one of the millions (billions?) of websites running on Apache or written in PHP, you benefit from open source projects. How many people and to what extent do we benefit from the companies, non-profits, blogs, databases, government sites, and billions of other applications that use open source projects? A President should consider these issues in an annual budget and will have to appoint judges that understand intellectual property issues. Do we really want to have to work around laws made by people who understand the internets as a series of tubes? Should we look to a leader who uses “the Google”? I don’t think so. Can the President set a tone (and a budget) for how technology and open source can improve the lives of every American and every person? Absolutely.

So here is the poll on which candidate you believe would best serve the open source community. You don’t have to register or wait in line this time. You just have to select a candidate by February 12th and your vote will be tallied on opensville the following day.


Do you like this post? Get the code to embed this poll in your blog or website here and the stats will feed to the opensville blog.