May 18

Rock On, @Debutaunt! You Will Be Loved Forever

Not sure if you followed, but my sister, Debby Greer-Costello experienced a leukemia relapse and she suffered for six long months in a hospital bed.

Today, her spirit finally passed. I cannot tell you what a relief this is to know that such a beautiful person is no longer undergoing the pain and frustration that is cancer. Deb was such a fun and uplifting person. When you see such a fun person undergo such a taxing disease, it makes you question the justice in the universe. Seriously.

Although I am sad that I will never see my sister again, all is not lost. In my sister’s blog, she used to give people a mission to people everyday. If I know my sister at all, here are the missions she would give you now that she is gone:
1.) Take care of yourself. Whether you realize it or not, people really love you.
2.) Realize that every day is a gift and that every time you see someone, it could be the last. You will see that every person has worth.
3.) Look out for those who need your help the most. The hope you will give others is immeasurable.

I love you, Debster.
RIP Deborah Marie Greer-Costello
July 22, 1967-May 18, 2009
Steph and Deb Looking All Poor
Deb Feeding Little Me
Deb in Highschool
Deb with the Zo-ster

  • Jim_Hughes

    Like so many others, I've been touched by your sister's battle and spunk and faith — and your writing about it. Thanks for sharing her life and yours. Blessings to you and your family in the days ahead.

  • Tutu

    i have followed her for years in her blog. I knew she was sick again so I would come here hoping for updates.
    I didn't know Deb but she touched me with her "I can kick this" attitude and of course her love for Zoe. My heart goes out to your family.
    I will do my best to live by her missions.

  • Missy

    Thank you for the assignment. Yes, that is what she would want. Don't take anything for granted. And while her life was short, she touched so many people. She was an amazing lady.

  • Julie Kirk

    Your sister was an amazing person and a great friend. Her love and laughter and Debusarcasm will be missed. Please give Zoe a big hug for me as she and Deb have been in our prayers for a long time. Hugs to the rest of the family too. GeminiJulie

  • Jeanette

    Hate to ask here but where and when will the funeral be? Old Knight of Columbus friends in Houston…

    • michellegreer

      If you email me at michelle(at), I can email you the plan.

  • Matt Genovese

    I'm so sorry, Michelle.

  • Carlie Fairchild

    So, so sorry. :/

  • Tammy Jarocki

    I only just discovered NerdAbout Austin. I do not usually blog. I am sorry to hear about your sister, she sounds like she had & continues to have an amazing impact on the world.

  • Shayna

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures you posted… I hadn't seen those before… Sending so much Love and Light to you and to your whole family… Grateful that she is no longer in pain… She will be missed.

  • Catrina Brewer

    Hi Michelle – My name is Catrina and I actually worked for Deb at EP. She was my "boss", but you couldn't tell. We became fast friends and I would touch base with her periodically. I'm Terribly saddended to hear she has passed. I know she loved her daughter and her family. Take comfort in knowing she will no longer suffer. Please post when the funeral arrangements will be. You all will be in my prayers.

  • Sevda Holland

    Sorry Darling.
    Your writing made me remember my experience with my best friend's cancer.
    Sending you lots of love.