Sep 09

Go Ahead and Be Awesome. Donate Time and/or Food to the Capital Area Food Bank This Saturday

The American Dream is a slippery slope. You can have everything you’d ever said you wanted, and yet still feel unfulfilled.

The secret I learned from my grandfather and parents is this: as soon as you feel that weird anxious feeling like you need to be more, give back. Having the best lawn in the neighborhood feels good, but not as good as knowing that by volunteering, you’ve allowed a fellow human being in their time of need. Buying the first 3G iPhone can make you feel cooler than someone, but that feeling is fleeting compared to the feeling you get knowing that the $300 worth of food you’ve given to the Capital Area Food Bank will allow Austin children to eat nourishing meals for lunch. There is no brain candy equivalent to the kind associated with giving back.

So go ahead. Sign up to volunteer for the Capital Area Food Bank this Saturday. More details can be found here. If you can’t spend half the day at the site, swing by Costco or Sam’s, grab a bunch of food, and donate it to the Capital Area Food Bank on Saturday. You will be helping the thousands of Austinites already in need.