Sep 22

Finding Tennis Partners, the Social Media Way

So as you may have noticed from some of my previous posts, I want social media to accommodate my life instead of the other way around. The world is too completely amazing to pass up just sitting behind a computer getting wrapped up in the blogo/twittosphere.

One of my real world hobbies is tennis. I played for a year on the University of Texas team and taught it for a year when I graduated. I haven’t played competitively in six years though and really miss playing. The United States Tennis Association will not let me play leagues though because I can’t play down a level as this would not be fair, but the level I play at does not have enough players to actually justify a league. It’s a Catch 22 and a total bummer.

Inspired by David J. Neff’s move to sell his house social media style, I decided to upload this video of me and Cole Crawford to Facebook in search of other players who may be in the same situation. It’s just a couple of good points from a basic game to 11. Can you or someone you know give me a run for my money? I haven’t been hitting much at all in years, so I’d appreciate some help. Leave a comment if you have any ideas.

  • Michael


    I have been searching for a tennis partner and would like to talk more about playing. I live in SW Austin, I’ve never played organized tennis but I absolutely love to play. I learned from a friend of mine that plays in local tournaments. If your interested in playing sometime just let me know.

  • Paul


    Thank you for reassuring me that my similar problem of finding a first-rate hitting partner is not just limited to the eastern seaboard. While Princeton, NJ may not quite be the tennis Mecca as say Atlanta, GA., Fl or CA, one would think the average USTA self rating would be a tad better than 3.0 Needless to say, my luck in this area is similar to the amount of responses you have received to your request over the past year. I have concluded that finding good female players, who enjoy competition, is tantamount to finding baby pigeons. We all know they must exist, yet no one can pin point where they are.

    BTW, as you already know, with the self rating system, you can down grade your level of play, yearly, there by eliminating the problem you have encountered. Some here do it to be a part of a larger pool of players, some do it for purposes of “sand bagging”.

    Good luck in your search. When you find the winning combination, please let me know.

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