Oct 28

Are Journalists Just Making “The Silent Star Wars”?

Time Inc. is laying people off. Gannett, the owner of 85 newspapers, is laying off 10% of its workforce. Newspapers are seeing 4.6% reduction in

What can they do about it, and what the hell does this have to do with Silent Star Wars, a short film by some dude named Geir in Norway?

Contrary to what a lot of new media “evangelists” say, traditional media sources are not dead. If you checked the links I referred to, they are all traditional media sources and I contend that the sensationalist and somewhat incestuous nature of the blogosphere ensures that traditional media sources indeed stay afloat. However, anyone who’s spent anytime in the blogosphere at all appreciates that media is evolving. Readers can add feedback, ask questions, and actually get to know each other. In these very confusing times, such a feedback loop is useful, fun and even comforting to everyone.

People engaged in new media contend that watching TV is “simple”, but I’m sorry, there is a lot of very reputable content on TV and in news publications. People will flock to wherever the most valid content is. Period.

Traditional media sources often get great content and access to people a regular blogger wouldn’t, but it often feels as if they are making silent films when they could be making talkies. They have the means to deliver engaging as well as interactive content–they just don’t. They get access to all sorts of influential people that they show you in their glass cases, even though the technology that allows us to interact with these people is already there.

When talkies first came out, some movie makers and actors embraced them. Others never made the adjustment and paid the price by never getting work again. Interactive media is new, but you’ll have to figure it out.

So my message to traditional media outlets is this: quit making Silent Star Wars. It’s a great film but the talkie version is much cooler, especially when Darth Vader speaks.

**a note: Geir, your video is very clever and very cool, but if I’d never seen Star Wars before, I’d have to pick Lucas’s version. Sorry.**