Oct 29

Is a Social Media Budget More Important than Actually Taking Care of People?

I recently ordered a desk from CB2. I was beyond amazed at how up to date I was kept in the process and how quickly everything arrived. After the desk was delivered, I didn’t get an email asking me to fan them on Facebook. I received an email asking how my experience was, so I gladly responded with a glowing review.

And of course, I fanned them on Facebook, because I’m happy to recommend them.

Social media is the darling of marketing blogs these days. The simple truth is this: if you take care of people and truly care about their experience with your product or service, the simple act of advertising your Facebook page to them will get you fans. People like promoting good services to their friends and it often costs just as much to improve your service as it takes to market it.

Think about it. Which would be more effective to you? “Would you fan us on Facebook?” or a positive brand experience with a Facebook fan button subconsciously tucked where you will see it at the end of the transaction?