Jan 26

Was Geek Austin at BarCamp TX?

What, you didn’t see us? We were all there. Uh yeah…

As much as Lynn, Whurley and I wanted to go to BarCamp Texas, the gods were against us this year. Between Whurley’s crazy whiteboard/server/skateboard accident, Lynn’s GotSocialMedia cold, and Michelle’s trek to find a bridesmaid dress to make her best friend happy, none of us could make it. Judging by the Tweets, BarCamp Texas looked to be quite a fun affair.

Did you go to BarCamp Texas? Did you get coverage? We want to know what your experience was like. Please leave a link to your BarCamp Texas post/Flickr photos/etc. in the comments to this post, or email your impressions or experience to linearb@gmail.com We will compile all of them into a lovely no nofollow post at a later date.