Dec 15

Austin Phizzpop Design Challenge: Microsoft Goes Arty


Ok, so this isn’t my logo and I might end up having to take it down because the people at Microsoft paid someone to create it. I still challenge any designer (you know who you are) to either create a sweet template for my blog or at least pick out a sweet template for WordPress. Hopefully some of you were at the PhizzPop Challenge and might have some insight.

The real PhizzPop Challenge took place at JBlacks on 6th Street and was sponsored by the folks at Microsoft. While I was a bit skeptical about having an event at the very bar-centric JBlacks, there were enough big screens and space to accommodate everyone. Essentially, Microsoft used some local web development and design firms to serve as guinea pigs for their new creative suite Expression Studio. They were given a site to design in TWO DAYS, an amazing feat even when using your familiar tools. The result was six great sites full of interactive goodies geared towards a film festival.

While I was a bit intimidated at first since my design skills do not reach much above Photoshopping Steve Jobs’s head on a bodybuilders frame, everyone including the guys from Microsoft seemed like a pretty friendly bunch. I don’t think the free drinks and tasty food hurt though. I have been assured that Microsoft’s SxSW’s events will be bigger and badder than anything seen a PhizzPop. My vote is for Led Zeppelin. I think PhizzPop featured a DJ, so I won’t be busting out my Robert Plant tee just yet.

I set up a pool of pictures of the PhizzPop Austin event on Flickr.