Dec 30

Got Social Media? Learn the Ropes from Marketing Industry Experts

I'm Attending the Got Social Media Conference

Do you hate commercials? So do I, and so do your potential customers. That’s why I’m attending Got Social Media? in Houston on January 24th. Technology allows marketers such as myself to communicate more closely to our audiences than ever before. “Got Social Media?” covers topics such as buzz marketing, web 3.0, designing for the interactive web, and more. Houston social media expert Erica O’Grady will be hosting this event at the Houston Technology Center.

Who’s speaking at this event?
giovanni gallucci: Buzz Generation, Guerilla Marketing and Branding via SEO, Social Media, and Social Networking
Kelsey Ruger: Crucial Conversations: The Art and Science of Conversation in Social Media
Erica O’Grady: What’s in Your Social Media Toolkit?
Chris Bernard: There Will Be Blood. Why Web 3.0 Will Feel A Lot More Like Web 1.0 Than Web 2.0
Stephen P. Anderson: Creating Pleasurable User Experience: When Design Meets Social Media
Laura Mayes: Women in Social Media
Ed Schipul: Social Metrics

Registration is just $50 until January 1st, and $65 until January 23rd. Learn how to make your marketing stick by signing up to attend.

  • debutaunt

    Guess which sis will also be in H-town on the 24th? Let’s get a ho-tel together… Rawrrrr

    Snappy New Year. I’m thinking about you. You missed a badass 7-year old karaoke party. Then the damn mic broke. UG!

  • Paul Chaney

    Cool. Social media is what I’m all about. Registering now!