Jun 02

Get Green at the Green Technology Alliance Meeting on June 3rd

I ran into Phil Wheat from Microsoft at the Maker Faire Town Hall meeting yesterday. He mentioned the Green Technology Alliance meeting on June 3rd. I often feel networking events can accomplish more. As early adopters and frankly, incredibly fortunate people, we should feel obliged to use the technology we have to instill positive changes for others.

So if you mention “green” and “technology”, you can usually count me in. You can find more information about this event here and register for it here. It takes place on Tuesday, June 3rd from 8:30-12:45 here:
MTC Austin
Stonebridge Plaza
Building One
9606 North MoPac Expressway
Suite 200

What will make me happy about this event? 1.) I’d like to learn more about virtualization and its role in green technology and 2.) To begin a dialogue between Dell, Hitachi, IBM, and Microsoft on how they will work with the community on these issues. If this is going to be a pitch like any other with little substance, I’ll not be too happy.

  • http://www.electricspaceheater.org/ kim

    How’d this end up going? Did you blog about it and I’m just completely overlooking it? If so, wanna help me out by posting the link to it? 😀