Jan 09

GeekAustin and RefreshAustin Celebrate the King’s Birthday at JBlack’s

OK, Lynn, Whurley and I really hope you all had a great time at JBlack’s tonight. No arrests were made and I don’t think there was any geek loving going on in the bathroom. Just fun times with a great bunch of people, a concerned Time Warner Cable guy, and a bunch of Elvises.

So GeekAustin.org is a bit “outdated.” We thought about competing with Jakob Nielsen’s site for the most old school looking site still on the web, and figured it wasn’t worth the hassle. What does this mean to you, the humble GeekAustin reader? It means we have to have a contest, of course!

GeekAustin is asking every good designer in town to design a logo for us. We will announce the winner at the (drumroll) GEEK AUSTIN SXSW PARTY. Get creative and have fun. Be sure to check into the site or subscribe to our RSS feed for more details. Here’s the link to the Everything GeekAustin Feed. If you are the partying type and just want a feed to our events, get your party on with this Geek Austin feed. If you prefer a more direct approach, check out GeekAustin’s Job Feed.

Much thanks to RefreshAustin for having this party with us. You guys are awesome.

Now you get to see all your lovely pics. Check out my GeekAustin pool of photos, and be sure to add your own so as to show off your awesome Ansel Adams skillz (Lord knows, I need to improve mine). The pool is located here:

Thanks again, I’m hitting the sack!