Apr 14

Drink Beer, Buy Professional Photography Prints, Deliver a Beatdown to Cancer. Done.

cancer fighterI’ve been on guard as of late. Since watching my sister undergo both brutal treatment for leukemia and a stem cell transplant, I look for any opportunity to lay my vengeance on cancer. Cancer sucks.

No one should have to deal with that disease.

Fortunately, some other people also think cancer sucks, so it looks like I’m not alone here. I ran into Jay B. Sauceda’s site watching my Twitter stream. Jay B. Sauceda is a photographer here in town with his own studio. I scrolled to the bottom of his site and he is having a happy hour for osteosarcoma research on April 16th from 5-10 PM. Osteosarcoma is the most common malignant form of bone cancer, accounting for 35% of bone malignancies. Any proceeds from prints purchased at Jay’s event will go straight to osteosarcoma research.

So basically, you can drink beer or wine, hang out at a photography studio, buy cool prints for your house, office, or friends, and help make osteosarcoma history. This seems like a real win/win here.

The event will take place at Jay’s studio at 301 #i Chicon in east Austin from 5-10 PM on April 16th. Please leave your katana sword at home ;).

  • http://www.jaybsauceda.com Jay B

    Michelle, thanks so much for posting this. If anyone wants to come, the RSVP is here at this site…


  • http://blog.think27.com john erik

    Love it. Excited about this event.

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  • http://www.wedding-photographer-bristol.org.uk Wedding Photographer Bristol

    A friend of mine has leukemia and she is so brave. It’s such a scary thing I don’t know how I’d deal with it. I suppose you just get on with it. I hope Jay made lots of money for charity.