Jan 25

Did I “Get Social Media?” Yeah, I Think So

Today Linear and I trekked down to Houston to attend “Got Social Media?” Despite an ugly traffic jam that left me literally in park for 20 minutes on 290, I was glad I went. Much thanks to Erica O’Grady for hosting.

Rather than give you a play by play of what you can read on the slides from the workshop, here are some cool people I met:

Giovanni Gallucci: Marketing Guru with Jordan-like Digg/YouTube/Twitter/Flickr skills. Yes, he can crash your site by getting you tons of traffic, but will we soon see his more artistic side?

Ed Schipul: Schooled us on the three motivations of people. Able to pimp your non-profit better than Galpin Auto Sports or Huggy Bear. Intrigued (or somewhat disgusted)? It doesn’t matter–check back later this week for my interview with Ed.

Chris Bernard: My last SxSW interviewee. Contended that there did not have to be blood in Web 3.0 if the community actively polices itself. That’s quite a relief to me, as I am not a fan of Ultimate Fighting or slasher films.

Aaron Belafonte (Aaron M. Baxter): My accountabilibuddy as designated by Kelsey Ruger‘s game I will title “Get Off Your Duffs and Network, People”. A CSS obsessed web designer with a talent for drawing on actual paper. Will be present (unlike me) at BarCampTX.

Paul Chaney: Contact from Practical Ecommerce. Blogger/Blogging Consultant/Twitterer and Internet Marketing Director for Bizzuka. Have a safe trip back to Louisiana!

Snax, will see you at Nuclear Tacos!

I also met some other SxSW panel speakers, who will hopefully make their michellesblog/Geek Austin debut soon.