Feb 27

Crashing ATXRyan’s Web Design and Developer Meetup

Ok, so yesterday I ate dinner and was about to go to the gym. Since I figured a.) my food had to digest anyway and b.) Ryan Joy and Paul Menard were heading out to the Web Design and Developer Meetup at Gingerman, I figured I’d join them. Perhaps not the best idea, since I am neither a web designer or developer, and I don’t want to distract Austinites from their conversations of designing or developing new and incredible things. I did get to speak with Jerry Hughes, a photographer here in town, about blogging and what I need to do to make my Flickr pics actually presentable. Very cool.

Paul claimed that if I stray from WordPress and move to TypePad, “I am dead to him.” TypePad just seems a ton easier for me to manage, although I emailed their support team for questions on a WordPress import and have yet to receive a response. So much for $15 a month. Since their support isn’t the greatest, and there is such a great WordPress community here in town, I think I’ll stick with my not so cool looking WordPress blog. It will come in time.

Since my knowledge of writing is decent but my knowledge of WordPress is severely lacking, I am going to check out the WordPress Meetup group on March 3 at GingerMan. If you are wanting to discuss WordPress and all of its awesomeness, I suggest you do the same.

  • http://www.codehooligans.com Paul Menard

    Note to self, watch what you say to people in bars who blog. They just might post your comments on their blog. (D’Oh!)

    I’m still stunned that you find TypePad easier than WordPress. Though I’m not sure what you are attempting. Lets plan on getting together next week at the WordPress meetup to discuss your issues. Or hit me up via email if you want to give me the list of questions now. Then I can possibly have answers ready.

  • http://atxryan.com Ryan Joy

    Feel free to crash anytime. 😉 We’re just a bunch of web geeks getting together to socialize. You need not be an actual developer/designer to attend. In fact, a lot of the conversation is inevitably about everything EXCEPT web dev.