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Come to the Blood Drive Tweetup. I Promise You My Support 100%


**Note: this is not a stock image. This is my sister Deb and my niece Zoe. I love them very much and want my sister to overcome host vs. graft disease.

38 people.

38 people are responsible for saving my sister Deb’s life. She underwent 23 blood transfusions and 15 bags of platelets in her fight against leukemia before she finally got over it. I owe a world to these people for helping save my sister’s life so that she could live to raise my eight-year-old niece.

I have been pushing this Tweetup Blood Drive pretty hard, and the typical response is, “I’m afraid of needles.” So they retweet it, feel better, and then move on. Retweeting helps for sure, but donating blood and supporting those who do if you are unable to do so helps more. I am afraid of needles too. It’s NATURAL. However, someone in a hospital somewhere is undergoing an operation or has cancer and needs help. Someone out there was in an accident or in a war and needs blood right this very moment. This person is much more terrified than you are of that needle because receiving blood to them is literally a matter of life and death. Considering the vast numbers of people who have received blood, you or someone very dear to you has probably benefited by a volunteer who stepped up and overcame their fear of the needle.

By giving blood, we offer an hour of our slight fear and discomfort so that others in very difficult situations feel a lot better in their hours, months, or years of fear and discomfort. To me this is a no-brainer, perhaps because it hit so close to home when my sister was diagnosed. To you it should mean a little peace in your day knowing that you saved someone’s life in less than an hour.

If you go to the Blood Drive Tweetup, I guarantee you my support. I guarantee I will be by you if you are scared or not feeling well. I do this because I value the 38 people who saved my sister’s life and the countless others who selflessly value the people in desperate, life and death situations. The right thing to do is often scary, but it is also the most fulfilling.

Book your spot at the Blood and Tissue Center’s website and then RSVP on the Facebook page. If you can’t donate for health reasons or you went to a weird country, swing by and offer support to those who are. You will be literally responsible for saving a person’s life.

  • http://everydotconnects.com Connie Reece

    I can’t donate blood anymore because of autoimmune problems, and that’s one of the reasons I had the idea for a Tweetup Blood Drive in the first place. I have a couple of friends who have reached the 10-gallon mark as donors. GALLONS. All we’re asking for tomorrow is a pint. As you said, a few minutes of discomfort that can save someone’s life. It’s really not that difficult.

    Connie Reeces last blog post..Connect with Us in July

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  • Tim

    Why are people so not afraid of drinking all night, which will give them a far more intense and longer laster pain than a few milliseconds of needle stick discomfort, but will totally turn down needles, which will save a life? There are three organs you can donate while still alive…kidney, bone marrow and blood. Guess which one is the quickest and easiest?

    Without 38 people stepping to the plate and setting aside 10 minutes and a little nervousness, a woman would not have had the opportunity to see the silhouette of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State against the sunset for the first time, or relaxed in the cool summer evening enjoying some pretty decent baseball and going out with friends for a good time afterward. I know because I saw all of that happening, just last night, for Michelle’s sister and my girlfriend, Deb. We get to enjoy weeks of life together right now because a few dozen people committed a few minutes of selflessness.

    You go, Michelle. Preach it.

  • http://www.debutaunt.com debutaunt

    I love you.

    Thank you.

    debutaunts last blog post..Please take note

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  • http://geekstate.blogspot.com Snax

    Major kudos to you Michelle, and David Neff for being the ones to get out there and DO SOMETHING! I’d admire all the hard work, time, and energy you did over the last week, making it happen. You showed how putting words into action can truly have an impact.

    And thanks to the people who couldn’t donate, but still showed up to give support and donated raffle prizes!!

    Snaxs last blog post..Tweetup Blood Drive

  • http://www.adomatica.com Adomatica

    What a great idea!