Jun 29

Attend Austin’s MOST EXCLUSIVE Tech Event–The Tweetup Blood Drive

Foo Camp. TED. Michael Arrington’s Twitterfeed. None of these are as exclusive as the Tweetup Blood Drive occurring in Austin, Texas on Thursday, July 3rd from 10 am to 4 pm at the Blood Center of Central Texas.

Why is this event so exclusive? If you go to the reservation list, there are only 96 spots available from 10-4. As of 4:23 on Sunday, five spots are already taken. That means if you want to be one of the tough guys or smart women who donates blood to save lives, you have to book your spot before everyone else does or your spot will be totally gone.

This event is sponsored by the Austin Social Media Club, the 501Tech Club, and Austin Jelly. You don’t have to be a tough guy or a smart women to be a member of these groups, but it couldn’t hurt. David J. Neff of the American Cancer Society will be organizing the event throughout the day.

To be sure to beat Scoble to the punch, follow these instructions:
1.) register or log into the Blood Center of Central Texas’s website.
2.) Choose the location at 4300 North Lamar.
3.) Be sure to pick a time slot from 10 am-4 pm on Thursday, July 3rd.
4.) Show up at the appropriate time. Give a shoutout to David J. Neff.
5.) Give blood. Eat a piece of the sammichometer. Give thanks that you are healthy and can offer health to someone else who needs it.

Be sure to blog, Tweet, and spread the word about this event as soon as you can. If you blog it and are lazy, just copy and paste steps 1 through 5. Please refer them to the Facebook event for it. You want to make sure your followers know that you know the latest cool happenings in Austin.

If you aren’t in Austin, sorry. You will just have to have a Tweetup Blood Drive in your city on your own ;-).

  • http://www.austin.socialmediaclub.com Mike Chapman

    This a great thing. Thank you, Michelle, for organizing it. I’ll be there.

    Mike Chapmans last blog post..Small World Labs on Viddler.com at Austin SMC

  • Kimmy

    Oh. Drat. I’m leaving town on July 2. But we’ll probably Tweet it on the KXAN News Twitter feed at some time. Sign up!

  • BruceericatDell

    Thanks for the invite via @problogger. Unfortunately, 18 months of chemo three years ago apparently takes me off the blood donation list :), so I can’t take part in these festivities. I wish I could!

    Bruce Eric Anderson, Dell

  • http://michellesblog.net Michelle

    OK, this is a silly post. But seriously, the Austin community is fragmented, which is fine for some things but inconvenient for others. If one cause should unite a lot of people, it is David’s cause to fight cancer. Giving blood is a crucial step in this. I can’t think of one person who is totally unaffected by cancer, so to me, this event brings healing for everyone.

    Thanks for all you do, Mike. Kimmy, I’d love any help you can offer ;-).

  • http://www.carliefairchild.com carlie

    I know too many people who have had their lives saved from donated blood. While I’m not in Austin, your post reminds me that I need to go to the donor bank and give blood. Putting on my ToDo list now, seriously.

    carlies last blog post..Why I Don’t Use Recruiters

  • http://michellesblog.net Michelle

    @bruceericatdell you are totally awesome for overcoming cancer. My sister is still dealing w issues from a stem cell transplant and had chemo herself. It really is a challenge for sure.

    Please share with others at sharinghope.tv. You’d be amazed at what your story can do for others.

  • http://www.debutaunt.com debutaunt

    danka Chelle. I will re-blog this & tweet. You are awesome.

    And hey, if you can’t donate, please please please convince someone else to do so. I’ve had 23 blood transfusions and over 15 platelets. I am grateful to still be here 28 months later – in full remission.

    I’m also uber grateful to those of you who do take the time out to donate blood. It genuinely means so much to me, my 8 year old daughter and my friends and family that they do.

    Please spread the word!

    debutaunts last blog post..Busy Girl

  • http://www.jaybsauceda.com Jay B

    I’m there….see ya at 10:15

  • http://myfoodtoday.blogspot.com Summer

    I just signed up, too. See y’all there at 1:30!!!

    Summers last blog post..If the Shorts Fit

  • http://www.austin.socialmediaclub.com Mike Chapman

    I’m signed up for 2:30. I’ll probably swing by at 10 to check in.

    Mike Chapmans last blog post..Small World Labs on Viddler.com at Austin SMC

  • mark o’brien

    Drat! I just gave 2 units of red cells 2 hours ago at theAustin blood center!
    Had I known…
    It would be a nice idea if they gave more info on their calendar, beyond “free Blue Bell ice cream on Sundays in july”

    -Mark O’B

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  • http://geekstate.blogspot.com snax

    What a blast I had! As much as I hate. hate. hate. needles, and that I was a bit dehydrated so the blood donation didn’t go quite as expected, I’m still very happy to have participated in this event. I got a bit emotional with the phlebomotist, speaking about friends young and old that I’d lost to cancer – and those who survived. How the fear and pain of a needle paled to what they’d endured, and that it was time for me to cowboy up.

    Thank you to everyone who supported this event!

    snaxs last blog post..Tweetup Blood Drive

  • http://joyceanndavis.com Joyce Davis

    Thanks again for arranging such a terrific event. I can’t believe how many cool people I’ve met via Twitter — especially those who are connected with cancer in some way. It’s a wonderful source of strength for me as my dad struggles with cancer. Giving blood today took away some of that helpless feeling I get occasionally, since there’s little I can do to cure my dad of cancer. I appreciate you so much, Michelle.

    Joyce Daviss last blog post..Pros & Cons of a Recent Rental Car – Kia Rondo

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