Mar 30

A Productive Day One at WordCamp Dallas

There is nothing like reconstituted egg product at the Frisco Hampton Inn and hanging out with a bunch of fellow geeks with MacBooks to get the ideas flowing. I was a bit worried that WordCamp Dallas would not be worth missing out on a weekend in Austin, TX, but here are some of great ideas/announcements that came about at WordCamp Dallas:

1.) According to John P., I finally need to update the look and plugins of this blog so it does not suck.
2.) Andy Skelton wants to have a “rate my neighbor” Google maps mashup that allows you to see if your neighbors are total duds. Aaron Brazell thinks we should have a “rate that driver” application that allows you to call out crappy drivers by their license plate number.
3.) B5Media’s VP of Social Engineering, Ed, is a former diplomat and a total social media guru. Look for his ideas on how to kickstart your career using social media on Twitter soon.
4.) Will Andy Skelton allow me to whisper sweet nothings to you in your WordPress dashboard? Doubtful.
5.) Oh yeah, some guy named Matt Mullenweg announced the WordPress 2.5 launch 20 minutes after it happened. Then he gave insights as to what would be in 2.6 for the first time ever. Well, whoopidy do!

Look for more news from me, Ryan Joy, Paul Menard, Jen Simmons and Jeff. I’m hoping they don’t release the official WordPress mascot, Pressly the grizzly bear. That got kind of ugly last time, from what I heard.

  • Ed the Diplomat


    You’re so nice to write about me. The b5 team rocks but Darcie is a little too touchy feely with me. She needs to stop.

  • Henry

    Love the idea about “rate my driver” .. though I’d probably get complained about more than I complain about other people. I could see it keeping people more honest, like the companies with “How’s my driving” stickers. I suppose it could also encourage road rage or some kind of vigilante justice as well. There used to be a guy who kept a photo gallery of all the stupid things he saw while driving, got tons of complaints about people he tagged doing silly stuff.

  • Michelle

    I’d be a little afraid of rate my driver, as people would be recording license plate numbers instead of concentrating on the road. That could suck.

  • Eric Lee


    Hiya! How’s everything in Austin? We met @ WordCamp. ( I was the guy standing beside you at the security desk.) I totally agree with Andy on the “Rate my Neighbor.” I could really use that app right now!

    LOL…And Ed! Nice to finally “meet” you! Aaron Brazell had so many nice things to say about you.