Apr 20

GeekAustin/Agile Austin Will Rock Union Park on Tuesday, April 29th

*Which one of these is not true?

The Boom Boom Room is:
a.) The burlesque-style back room at GeekAustin’s newest venue, Union Park.
b.) The place where I hugged a person in a giant Elmo costume and ran into the Big Bad Wolf.
c.) Full of pictures of scantily clad women.
d.) Always crowded, but accessible via a secret entrance that only cool people know to access.

Union Park is a bit of a departure from the subdued and somewhat cramped venue of JBlack’s. With a pool table and video games, an upstairs patio with a view, and the dance-friendly and somewhat naughty Boom Boom Room, Union Park is a great venue for a group as diverse as GeekAustin.

Can you handle unleashing your geek on the Boom Boom Room? If so, RSVP for Get Agile GeekAustin/Agile Austin on Upcoming.

*Actually, they are all true.