Oct 26

What the Internet Needs More of (and Less of)

As I have said time and time again in some form or another, the internet provides us with a big publishing tool. We can publish and we can also read others’ works. I have been an avid reader much of my adult life and would like to take this affinity for reading digitally. However, since making this transition, I’ve found my focus to be much too technology/politics-centric for me to feel like a whole person. Here’s what I’d like to see more of on the net. If you’ve seen blogs that fit this description, by all means, leave them in the comments:
1.) A blog dedicated solely to energy. I have read biodiesel blogs, but I’d like to keep up with something that focused on biodiesel, hydrogen fuel, clean coal, nuclear power, etc. I watched a fascinating PBS special on this and would like to see this dialog pushed further into the blogosphere and the current American dialog.
2.) A blog dedicated to analyzing the materials we use and the food we eat. I try to eat organic as much as I can. What is in food? What’s in the crazy plastic we put our food in and then nuke at at extremely high temperature? I don’t like to be a paranoid person, but someone starting a dialog about these sorts of things would be helpful, especially from scientists.
3.) An adventurer’s/philanthopist’s travel guide. I spend so much time researching vacations, I end up not going. I’ve looked at Lonely Planet, but it’s sort of faceless and it would be nice to write a blogger to just say, “What do you think of this place?”
4.) A shopping site with niche drill down menus. How could would it be if you could say, “I want a white ski jacket with pit zips, taped seams, and at least 5 pockets,” and then it pulls up? I guess it would be a lot of work for the online store owner to upload that info into a database, but it could be a great way to close a sale.
5.) A site written by an accountant for self-employed people. What a lifesaver this would be.

I can come up with more but I want to go to sleep soon.

I am guilty of this just as much as everyone, but the web really needs less tech and political blogging, percentage wise. I’m thinking this will change as time goes by, but it gets a bit stale after a while.

  • http://theenergyroadmap.com Garry G

    Greetings from a former Austinite!

    A friend pointed me to your #1…
    You should check out –

    The Energy Roadmap.com

    It’s devoted solely to the future of the energy industry (in its entirety) Definitely highlights consistent themes but it’s not just solar and wind– we cover all aspects of coal, oil, transportation, et al. Plenty to explore! (Also part of the Future Blogger network.)

    I’ve subscribed to your feed… look forward to posts ahead!

    Garry Golden
    Editor, The Energy Roadmap.com

  • Jimbo

    Hello. Id like some more ideas. this is incerdibly helpful