Nov 30

Tiptoeing into the Blogosphere

OK, so for my first post, I actually wrote this sweet psuedo-interactive commentary on the social web which involved a window with a video of me talking to a window with a video of my friend John, a chat window featuring an overzealous Viagra pusher, and a Skype option. Considering I spent several hours attempting to install a festive WordPress template that ended up being broken to begin with, I think i’ll just stick with writing for now.

I will first start my blog by offering a few shameless plugs. This is my sister’s blog. She is recovering from a stem cell transplant. If you are interested in learning about cancer recovery or just want a good laugh, check it out. This is another blog by one of my sisters. If you are a Houston Texans fan, then 1.) I will know you are not from Austin, because no one here respects the Texans for picking Mario Williams over Vince Young and 2.) you will enjoy this blog. Hopefully you know who this is. Apparently, Obama is so incredible that a 26-year-old Google ad executive who met him dared to call him “Google-Like.” Hopefully we can all get a piece of him before he closes at $701 a share. Check out his campaign events or log into Obama forums by registering at At this site, you can participate in or plan campaign events in your area. If you are in the Austin area, you can register for a debate watching party at Scholz Garten on December 10th at 6:00 pm. What is “the Social Web”? You can peruse through Wikipedia’s lovely entry on the topic and/or you can attend one of the events on this site. Currently, whurley and linearb are hosting a party at Joe Dimaggio’s in the Domain. I opt for the drinking martinis at a swanky restaurant option, but that’s just me.
This clip is just really really funny.

Please take a look at the hundreds of WordPress templates available, and if you see one you think would look cool, send me the link. I will be sure to give you props in my next post if I use it.

  • debutaunt

    Welcome welcome!! Thanks for the shout out. Looking forward to reading. I love you!!

  • Steph

    D’oh. Okay, so you did put my blog over here. Never mind my other comment. :)

    There are actual fans of the Texans in Austin btw.

    And now most of the known and unknown universe is fine with the Mario Williams pick except certain people in Austin.

    Keep Austin weird BTW.