Jan 20

Refresh Austin has a Sweet New Website

So I planned to go to the Refresh Austin website to leave a comment to the effect of “Hey, what’s up with this bunk wiki that’s been outdated for four months?” and what did I find? A lovely, revamped website! Very cool. If you are looking to meet up with a diverse group of tech professionals in the Austin area, I suggest checking it out. You will see the calendar of all upcoming events as well as photos from previous ones. If you are too lazy to periodically check the site, there is this lovely tool called the RSS feed that will allow you to keep up with Refresh Austin without even trying.

Sad you didn’t get to join in on the Refresh Austin website fun? Were you in on it, but thirsty for more? Geek Austin is having a logo contest. We are announcing the winner at our official SxSW party. One lucky designer will win a.) fabulous prizes, which we are currently hitting up some sponsors for and b.) a credit link in the Geek Austin footer. For those who don’t know me, I’m usually not as annoyed as I seem in the cartoon for this contest.