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In honor of all of the goofy women who go bonkers for a flatscreen TV on Oprah’s Favorite Things, I am compiling a list of my favorite sites for 2007. These aren’t my favorite sites per se; they are just cool ones I found this year. Please fight the urge to feel ungrateful that some random woman in the Oprah audience gets a camcorder and you, the savvy michellesblog reader, merely gets a crummy list of sites that I want you to visit. Maybe when I gross over a billion and can afford my own hairstylist, chef, makeup artist, and small African nation, I will think back to your loyalty and reward you with a camcorder of your own.

Here’s a list of cool sites you should visit:

1.) Mashable. OK, most social networking sites seem to revel in their own web 2.0-ness to the accolades of the press and bloggers alike, but mashable has one leg up on them–it’s funny. I especially enjoyed their article on Ron Paul worship this Christmas and their “Deck the Trolls” contest, which rewarded the user who left the nastiest trolliest comment on a post. I left a comment about Wikipedia’s venture to get their content printed, and alas, I did not win. Sigh.

2.) TechCrunch. From what I’ve read, Michael Arrington’s feuds with traditional media sources are heated and somewhat silly, you have to hand it to the guy. The site is pretty current. I gained personal amusement by reading Arrington’s take on TechCrunch haters in Crunchnotes, as well as the comments that ensued. Check out the feud in the comments between Andy Beard and Paul Montgomery. Seriously.

3.) Twitter. Why wouldn’t you want to tell all of your friends that you are putting your whites in the dryer or buying a latte at Cafe Medici? Many people who don’t use Twitter have no idea why someone would feel compelled to microblog. Microblogging does not translate to less important blogging–it merely translates to short and sweet blogging.

Read my post on how Twitter users are battling breast cancer. Twitter users raised over $3500 in 15 hours for breast cancer research. There is nothing micro about that.

4.) Sphinn. It’s like Digg and StumbleUpon, but for internet marketing people. When I first found it, it seemed tailor made for me. A good feeling when visiting a website.

5.) OK, this is not a website, it’s just a page. But Chris Anderson’s rant on lazy PR people is the source of legend.

6.) Inrainbows. Although you cannot buy Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” for whatever you decide it’s worth anymore, this model created quite a stir. Did you buy it when it was available? If so, you know why I thought this was really cool. If you missed out, you just get to sit and stare at a crazy digital rainbow for as long as you want.

7.) Chuck Norris Jokes. Better than a roundhouse to the face.

8.) Flickr. How great is it that I can broadcast your drunken pubcrawl and share photos with the entire world in less than an hour? Not too crazy about the admin or front end interface, so hopefully they’ll either fix it or something snazzier will come along.

9.) geekaustin. Yet another shameless plug for whurley and linearb’s party. They are fun though, so it’s worth keeping up with if you are in the Austin area. Hopefully whurley will take a few seconds away from networking with half of the known universe to update this site with one of his funny cartoons.

10.) michellesblog. But you already knew this.

Got a site you think I’d like? Send it to me. I’m always looking for great new sites.

  • Steph

    What??? FanHouse isn’t on your read every day list. :)

    I’d put my website addy in the address above but it won’t fit:

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