Jun 16

My Review of Hugh MacLeod’s “Ignore Everybody”

First of all, the title seems harsh, but it’s a good title. The book isn’t about being a jerk to everyone, FYI.

Too often I see really talented people “not make it”. And then I see people with no talent and they are all over the place, and I want to gouge my eyeballs out with barbed wire. Hugh is a guy who IS talented who DID make it. Sure, a part of me is jealous that he’s out getting book deals and making the cash, but that part isn’t nearly as big as the part that is just happy to see that someone out there who busted their ass without stepping all over people is doing well.

Hugh really seems to write this book for talented people who are just tired of playing the role of work all the time. Our professions aren’t easy and if you expect work without struggle, you are kidding yourself. Essentially, Hugh is the anti-“get rich quick” scheme because he’s going to tell you 1.) it’s not easy and 2.) it might not work but 3.) you should still go through with something if you are passionate about it. As always, Hugh’s style is engaging and honest and the cartoons made me laugh.

Honestly, I cried a little after reading this because it reminded me that I’m not a special little flower in the universe. But that’s okay. I think I needed that swift kick in the ass.

So, can you handle it? I think you can. Here’s the book if you want to buy it.

  • http://vinylart.blogspot.com Daniel Edlen

    But you are a special little flower in the universe. That's exactly what you are. That's exactly what Hugh's point is. The work comes in to figure out why you're special and what to do about it.


    • Michelle

      I guess my point is that I was always labeled one of those "gifted" people in school, so sometimes it's hard for me to accept that hey, life doesn't come to you. You have to work and struggle and even then, sometimes it doesn't work out.

      I'm also in the phase that Hugh was in at agencies, and that can be sort of rough. I've yet to find "the business card to doodle on", so to speak.

      So I feel like I'm not one of those special little flowers who is enlightened without having to work at it. That can be hard to accept.

  • Phewson

    If it were easy, everyone would be doing it — but the greatest trick is learning where you are weak, accepting it and knowing what is true about you and what it not. You'll be surprised. . . and no, you are not special and you don't have any gifts. There are those who talk about doing things and those who do them. From what I've seen, you're becoming the latter and maybe once you remove the "kind of jealous" aspect, you'll actually make something real happen and realize it's not a race and there is no one you should compare yourself to. . . be you. You have no idea what you're really capable of yet. Just look at life like a video game . .. you have to work and make the most of what you have and then you can level up. Last part, have faith and give grace quickly and freely . . . if you don't have and give these, you will rot from the inside out and fall short of your mark. Life isn't about who is right. It's about love. Love comes first above all :)