Sep 20

Easy to Implement Tip: Be an Interesting Commenter

It didn’t hit me until Chris Brogan’s talk on Thursday that I’ve actually been doing this whole social media thing for a while now, and I can really help people who are struggling with it.

I was a Community Manager for a software company before that was even a title. One role I had at my job was leaving comments on blogs that our potential audience would read so as to attract bloggers to talk about our software.

One blog liked my comments so much, they ended up interviewing me for the publication. Since I commented on so many blogs in the industry, I established an authority and it become a lot easier for me to get my stories published in their blogs.

A lot of comments on blogs simply say “Right on. Good job on this one.” Some people use social media “strategies” like favoriting pictures influencers take or retweeting something just to garner favor. While this won’t really hurt you, it won’t help you too much either, unless you are sincerely favoriting a photo you like or are retweeting something your followers would want to hear. Why? Because bloggers are always looking for more stories to tell. They aren’t looking to be pandered to (at least the good ones aren’t). By adding to the conversation, you are 1.) establishing your authority and 2.) making the blog post better in general. I love it when the comments on my blog are actually more interesting than the post itself. It means I have interesting and potentially influential readers, which means I have more power than a silly blogger just looking for attention.

If you can’t really add value to the conversation, it’s okay to just read because eventually you’ll read enough of blogs or books in your subject to be knowledgeable. If you don’t feel compelled to do this, you aren’t interested in your subject matter and you should do something else in your career. Jes’ sayin’.

  • Surendra Kumar

    As a new “tweater” and a wannabe blogger i am trying to learn all I can so I can be good at it. I will be attending an event that Chris Brogan is speaking at this Thursday and I am hoping to learn a lot. Great post and thanks.

  • Oscar Del Santo

    You are so right Michelle. The way I see it, it’s all about having a ‘giving’ attitude and willing to engage in a teaching and learning experience that should be ideally beneficial for both parties.

    I would only like to add that bloggers do enjoy the recognition and that sometimes a pat on the back can go a long way.
    .-= Oscar Del Santo´s last blog ..ORM and the Dark Side =-.

  • Rich Angstadt

    Great points. One more reason to take the time to write insightful comments is referral traffic. As often visitors of the site will read the comments and then visit the commenter’s website.
    .-= Rich Angstadt´s last blog ..It’s all about the content =-.

  • Jason Cohen

    Great post! Keep it up.

    Now buy something irrelevant from me.

    Seriously though, I agree completely that great comments are what make blogging fun. A post just starts a conversation; in fact good writing should intentionally leave the door open for argument and discussion so you can, you know, have one of those.

    Also, if you’re commenting because you want some people to find your blog, writing a really good comment is the #1 best way to achieve that.
    .-= Jason Cohen´s last blog ..Put down the compiler until you learn why they’re not buying =-.